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ASD Class

The Special Class at Our Lady’s Secondary School was established in 2014. We have capacity for up to 12 students. In the Class we strive to maximise each student’s potential in the areas of academics, social experiences and wellbeing. Our aim is to ensure each student will benefit from an integrated and inclusive education.

The Class provides the structure and support necessary to ensure each student maximises his/her participation in mainstream. It offers an individualised support structure for each student to achieve their personal best.

In addition to maximising each student’s participation in mainstream some students have the opportunity to engage in small practical classes such as Home Economics, Woodwork and Art. All students benefit from an Education Programme that is tailored to their individual needs.

In 2019 we expect construction to begin on our purpose built school extension that will further improve our ability to support and cater for the students in our Special Class.

Should you require further information or wish to enrol your son/daughter in the class, please contact Aoife Campion the ASD Class Co-ordinator at acampion@ourladystemplemore.ie or alternatively on 0504 31299.