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Cairdeas is our ‘Buddy’ system that runs at the beginning of each school year. It was originally introduced by Ms. Anne Deroe who has since retired from Our Lady’s. As part of this system, many of our 5th and 6th Year students volunteer to help 1st year students settle into their new school environment. The students who volunteer usually come back to school a few days early to meet the 1st year students and to take part in some fun activities with them. During the first day, the senior students lead the 1st years on a school trail and a treasure hunt as well as playing other games.

During the first week of term, each first year student is assigned a senior student who will look out for them as they settle into secondary school. The senior students introduce themselves to their cara and make sure that they are managing everything ok. Moving into secondary school can be a daunting experience for many students, especially if students are the first in their family or moving from a small primary school; Cairdeas plays an important role in making the first few weeks much easier for everyone. Cairdeas makes sure that all 1st year students have at least one familiar face in the senior school when they move around the school at break and lunchtime.