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School Self Evaluation

Digital Literacy

As part of the School Self Evaluation process in Our Lady’s this year our focus is on Digital Literacy. Our aim for this year is to improve the digital literacy skills of our students. First year students take part in classes weekly that help them to improve their typing skills and navigate the digital world. Second year students are developing their IT skills in English classes each week by creating and presenting PowerPoints. These vital IT skills will be essential for the completion of their CBAs for Junior Cycle. Pictured below are some 1st year students that completed a typing test.



Starting after Christmas, all Junior Cycle students will be taking part in a monthly Drop Everything and  Read Initiative. The aim of this initiative is to give students time during the school day to read for pleasure. Students will be encouraged to bring a book or reading material of their choice to class, teachers and students alike will stop the work they are doing in a subject and take some time to read.