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Best wishes to the Erasmus Team from Our Lady’s who are leaving for Slovenia today. They will take part in the ‘Flipped Classroom’ teaching and Learning technique using IT. The students attending are Anna Larkin, Julie Grey, Tom Crampton and Bill Finn. The teachers travelling are Ms. Tina Fogarty and Ms. Emily Bergin. They will participate in workshops in the school in Krizevci near Maribor in Slovenia. The town of Krizevci is situated in the north eastern part of Slovenia, south of Austria and quite close to both Hungary and Croatia. They will collaborate ideas with our partner schools from Sicily, Austria and Bulgaria.  We wish the students the very best as they represent Our Lady’s on this Erasmus initiative in Slovenia. Many thanks to all the teachers in our school who gave a huge amount of support while preparing for this trip. A special word of thanks to Ms Higgins and Mr. Paul Fogarty for their continuous encouragement.  Thank you also to the parents of the students travelling for all their support for this venture. The students were making final preparations for the trip today.

May they have a wonderful, safe and educational trip abroad.