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Sixth Year Student Awards 2020

Wonderful memories from a unique day.

On the 25th of September, Our Lady’s formally bid farewell to the class of 2020. We also had the opportunity to award our 6th years with the student awards for 2020.

Colm Lawlor received the Spirit of Edmund Rice award. Colm made a positive contribution to school life at Our Lady’s. Colm contributed both academically and musically during his time at Our Lady’s.

Megan Delaney (pictured)received the Sr Catherine McCauley award. Megan had exemplified the characteristics of Catherine McCauley by both word and example.

Coleen Giles (pictured) received the CEIST award. Coleen was a student of Our Lady’s who best embodied the CEIST charter values, showing respect for every person while also promoting the spiritual and human development in the school.

Chantelle McInerney received the Leaving Certificate Applied award. Chantelle reflected the positive achievement that one can attain in LCA namely maturity, skills for the workplace, attendance and positive attitude to school life.

We would like to congratulate the class of 2020 on their contribution and achievements they made during their time in Our Lady’s. We also wish them well in their future endeavours.